HorseShops & Life Coaching

Ladies, I’ve got some exciting news!
Peaceful Acres is about to experience the reopening of our wonderful wellness workshops and retreats. I’m beyond grateful and excited!

After two years of not being able to offer my Equine Guided Empowerment Coaching and Retreats, to say I am excited to serve women who are seeking improved joy, happiness, motivation, and purpose in their lives is an understatement!

In preparation for our Wellness and Empowerment Retreats, I have renovated the Retreat House from floor to ceiling. It’s beautiful!
The cabin has also been updated although it was really perfect as it sets, right next to the main barn, surrounded by horses, minis, and mules.

New in 2022 will be the opening of our Glamping Yurt, a special place that will offer a beautiful view and comfortable accommodations. This is so cool!

If you are reading this post and you’re feeling overwhelmed, stressed out because of the stressors & losses of the last two years, your motivation has decreased, your joy is dull and your purpose in life seems somewhat unrealistic or unreachable, Please reach out to me!

I am offering Horseshops, online coaching, and retreat accommodations to assist women to become motivated, encouraged, hopeful, and strategic in Activating their Purpose-filled Lives.

April – June I’m offering my Master Your Mind with Horses coaching program for 1/2 price. It’s my way to help you to jumpstart your joy and motivation for purpose-filled living.

Registration is limited ~ Please email me for additional information, a brief phone call / Zoom to action, and to schedule your Retreat, HorseShop, and coaching dates.
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Together we are going to lift up the world after it became deflated. It begins one by one, through our own spirit of hope, joy, happiness, motivation, and purpose.

I look forward to hearing from you and scheduling your Master Your Mind with Horses coaching & retreat experience.

Hugs and Horses,
Nanci Beyerl, MSW